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The Beth B. Moore Law Firm, LLC is a transactional entertainment law firm specializing in copyrights, trademarks, contracts, and business consultation for clients in music, film, television, theater, gaming, literature and web development and other creative arts industries. The primary area of law underlying our services is Title 17 of the United States Code governing copyrights. I review, advise, negotiate and customize a variety of entertainment industry contracts, such as split sheets, record deals, publishing agreements and an array of production contracts. I also guide my clients through the complexities and intricacies of the entertainment business, starting from corporate formation all the way to distribution.


Please note, The Beth B. Moore Law Firm is not a litigation firm, so I do not file lawsuits, nor do I shop materials.

mixing board for music


I guide my clients through the complexities and intricacies of the music industry in order to prepare them for success and to protect their intellectual property rights.


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film camera movie producing

Film, Television & Theater

Whether you’re involved in union- or non-union work, I can assist you with your legal needs, from pre-production to music clearances to distribution.


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literature writing publication


I advise clients on legal issues relating to co-authorship, copyrights, defamation, life rights, publicity rights, and cover design rights. I also offer due diligence review.


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creating gaming development


I manage legal rights and obligations with regard to video game production, including issues relating to copyrights, technology, art design, musical composition, and distribution.


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web development design


Content is king on the internet. I help guide clients through proper licensing procedures, defamation concerns, terms of use, privacy policies, and “safe harbor” laws.


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