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  • Songwriters and Composers
  • Recording Artists
  • Artist Managers
  • Record Labels
  • Publishers


The South has a rich history of world-renowned music makers, award-winning songwriters, and influential record labels representing an unparalleled diversity of talents and genres. I guide my clients through the complexities of the music business and teach them how to protect their intellectual property rights, from creation to distribution to collection.

Film, Television & Theater

  • Writers
  • Actors
  • Composers
  • Directors
  • Producers


Georgia is ranked one of the top locations in the world for film, television and theater production. It boasts a flourishing community of studios, agencies, and production companies, as well as actors, writers and crew members. I advise clients on a variety of legal matters related to film, television and theater, from due diligence review to development to production to distribution.

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  • Authors
  • Ghostwriters
  • Publishers
  • Agents
  • Due Diligence


The proliferation of e-books, audio-books, and self-publication services have made world-wide audiences accessible to a wider range of writers. I advise clients on legal issues relating to co-authorship, copyrights, defamation, life rights, and publicity rights. I also offer due diligence review services to help guard against legal liability.


  • Artists and Designers
  • Developers
  • Composers and Sound Designers
  • Publishers


The Georgia Film Tax Credit incentivizes not just production of film and television, but also video games, which have prospered with the state’s growing entertainment sector. I advise developers and designers on a variety of legal matters relating to video games, virtual reality and augmented reality, such as copyrights, trademarks, contracts, music clearances, and distribution agreements.

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  • Developers
  • Content Creators


On the internet, content is king, but it can also lead to disruptive claims of copyright infringement and other potential rights violations. I guide clients through proper clearance and licensing procedures, terms of use agreements, privacy policies, take-down procedures, and safe harbor laws.

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